MESSAGE FROM Fr. Ivon Kolodiy


Fr. Ivan Kolodiy,    The Living Rosary – UKRAINE

 Dear Members, Benefactors and Apostles of the Living Rosary,

The infinite goodness of God had decreed from all eternity to save us by means of the Incarnation. Behold, now, a very different marvel unfolds before us. The means by which the Incarnate God will use to save man is through humiliation, suffering and death.

Let us adore the Most Holy Trinity in Its wisdom of such a design. The world was sick with pride: it was necessary to confront it with the humiliation of a God; it was destroying itself through love of pleasure; in order to oppose this, the sufferings of a God were necessary; it clung to life: the death of a God was needed to detach it from this life. God in His infinite goodness teaches man to humble himself, to suffer and to die.

Death is the passage for us from our exile to our true Home with God. It is the gate of Heaven! It is to be more desired than feared. The Trinity chose the death of the cross, because it was the most cruel death. It teaches us better the value of our soul, the importance of our salvation and the horror of sin.

The Incarnation, through the Sacraments, makes us children of God, members of Jesus Christ and one and the same body with Him. It make us share with Him the kingdom of Heaven and His own throne; it transforms us into temples of the Holy Ghost Who dwells in us and, by which, Jesus Christ incorporates Himself in our body and makes our heart a Paradise upon earth. God does not ask anything of us which He has not first done Himself.

God keeps a wonderful silence in the Eucharist. A religion which does not moderate the tongue is a vain religion. The more there is silence, the more there is innocence. He Who is so great makes Himself so small, while we who are so little desire to make ourselves great. Jesus loves poverty and we fear it. Everything is wanting to Jesus and we desire not to want for anything; delicate and sensitive to the smallest privations, we take the greatest care to avoid them. Nothing removes God from the heart so much as our total occupation with what is passing.

In becoming incarnate, the Word, in the womb of Mary, had only one aim: to procure the glory of God by making Him known, loved and served, and this thought never left Him! Whatever our troubles may be, let us confide them to Jesus, and we shall be consoled. Whatever may be our difficulties, let us ask for His assistance and we will be helped.

A life of prayer will make our exile a Paradise; it will be for us the beginning of Heaven!

During the holy Season of Advent, Our Lord knocks at the door of all men’s hearts, at one time forcefully and at another time softly. He comes to ask if we have room for Him, for He wishes to be born in our home. The house indeed is His, for He built it and preserves it; yet His own receive Him not. Let us walk slowly, travel lightly and prepare our souls for the coming of Christ through prayer, frequent reception of the Sacraments and making little sacrifices and penances as love offerings for Our Infant King.

 We remember you at the Holy Altar every day as we prepare for the coming of the Messiah, Our Lord and Savior. This year, on September 1, Ukraine is using the Gregorian Calendar and we will have the same religious feasts on the days they are celebrated in the USA. Our Christmas will be celebrated on December 25.

 We are preparing for the winter months ahead. The Russian attacks will increase as they target our electrical grids. Thankfully, now, all the stores and many households have their own generators and the internet is received by backup batteries. Many schools are closed and the children are studying online at home. Thanks be to God, we are in the safe part of Ukraine. Your prayers for us have been a great source of protection and comfort. Many thousands have died and the war continues to rage on.

 I remember all of you at the Sacred Altar every day as we prepare for the coming of the Messiah. When Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts, may we open it wide and invite Him to be born in the warmth of our homes.