Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

We are so very deeply grateful for your prayers and most generous donation.

In these days of turmoil. division and persecution, we may feel that God is using a strong arm to punish us for our sins or we have lost favor with Him and our prayers will not benefit us. Surely, we have troubles and concerns enough, without saddling ourselves with these thoughts which lead to immobility, depression and despair. Let us turn. then, to Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, and learn the truth about the sufferings we undergo and the love of God. Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the Eternal Wisdom of the father. took up His dwelling in Mary. In literal truth, She was His throne and temple. Earthly wisdom is very different from Eternal Wisdom. No wise or learned Doctor of the Church ever had such light as Mary. Seat of Wisdom. She is always ready to share her wisdom with us if we will only ask her. Wisdom is the most precious Gift of the Holy Spirit, for it is properly called the fruit of Charity. Mary directed all her actions toward God and her soul was filled with sweetness beyond compare.

Jesus Christ tells us with respect to His Love, “He who eats My Flesh and  drinks My Blood, abides in Me, and I in him.” Because we are so united with God through charity. a union closer than any earthly union, it makes us penetrate intimately divine things. The Gift of Wisdom gives to souls the power to experience divine things, to taste them in the depth of our being and. by this. to judge all of them rightly. Through charity, we love God in June 2020 Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!

Himself; through wisdom, we know His infinite goodness. United with God. clinging to Him. we are formed in one single spirit which enables us to see through His Eyes and consider with His mind. The light of this Gift is not cold and lifeless like human wisdom. It is glowing and life-giving like the rays of the sun, pouring forth light, warmth and energy. He, who loves, resembles the thing loved. When we truly love, we are lifted up to God. The Gift of Wisdom is the supreme Gift.

The Gift of Wisdom produces in our souls the Peace of Christ. There is another effect proper to the Gift of Wisdom; it is a concrete realization of the treasure of the Cross. In the light of the Gift of Wisdom. the Cross is beautiful and pain is sweet. for it is something divine. something of Jesus; it is the luminous ladder by which we mount to Heaven. Where there is pain, there is the Cross, impregnated with love of Christ. Human wisdom cannot grasp this.

Our Savior has poured out upon us a  veritable shower of graces. through the  Heart of Mary. He alone knows how often He has saved us from danger, warded off crushing misfortune and preserved our lives where others have met with death. We must thank God for our crosses, big and little. How often we have sighed and wept under our burdens, but it is these crosses which have made us so like Himself! The crown for Heaven must be won on the battlefield of life.

If Jesus had not sent us those crosses, we might have lost our way and failed to secure our heavenly goal. There is an unknown world, a divine world, filled with immense riches and it was for this world that we were created. We were not meant to find happiness in time, only to have our treasures stolen by thieves; we were made for a superior world, a secret world, one pro­ portioned to the infinite desire of our souls. We must ask Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, to place her humble FIAT on our lips and in our hearts that, upon our dying breath, the gates of Heaven will open and we will enter directly into Eternal Glory!

Let us pray daily for one another so that, together without the loss of anyone, the victory will be ours!

Patti Melvin

Director, ULRA