Easter 2023 Note


“Waver not beneath the Cross, which Christ, to you has given.

For every pang and tear it costs, is registered in Heaven!”


Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thank you so much for your incredible help for our missionary efforts in the world today. Your prayers, sacrifice and love touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of souls who are suffering persecution, ignorance, disease and death; so many have no priests, no Sacraments, no Faith and no love. Mary longs to give them Jesus.

 The world has had the light, blessings and strength of the Sacraments for over 2000 years and yet, today, our souls are in the greatest darkness, universally, that has ever been seen on the face of the earth. The Gospel is ignored, religion is abandoned and torrents of iniquity which carry away even the servants of God overwhelm the world. The whole earth is made desolate, impiety is enthroned, the Sanctuary is profaned and the abomination has reached even the Holy Place. The Most Blessed Trinity has given Mary the mission to crush the head of the serpent and destroy all heresy.

 Within the Immaculate Heart of Mary is placed the Peace that God has promised to the world. Only through her hands and Heart will God’s Peace be given to mankind. This is the express Will of God. It is His plan for our salvation. Let us submit to her care and be enriched by her graces.

 The Children of Mary will crush the proud spirit of Satan. We have been inducted into the very army of the Mother of God. We did not seek this appointment; it was Mary who confided it to us. It is her apostolate. Mary has chosen us as her foot soldiers. We are weak, but She is all powerful through the omnipotence of God and can confer that omnipotence to those who act in her name. We carry with us the strength of Mary. We must never lose sight of the fact that we will succeed with Mary’s mission so long as we act in her name. No matter the obstacles that lie in our way, we will succeed beyond our expectations, provided we never lose sight of Mary.

 It is a sacred office that we hold in the army of Mary. As these end times continue to worsen, we will need help! We will need wisdom! We will need guidance! We will need love! St. Philomena is our advocate before Mary and she will help us fulfill these needs. St. Philomena is the New Light of the Church Militant and she will light our way. What one man cannot do alone, united with an army of souls, formed in prayer and animated by the spirit of charity, we can make a lasting difference in time and throughout eternity! No matter what our title, it is an incredible and eternal honor to be a member of this army!


Times Are Truly Grave! We Must Have Courage!