Dear Missionaries and Lay Apostles,

Our mission in the Church is primarily PRAYER. We seek to reach as many souls as possible with a DAILY DECATDE in the Living Rosary founded by Blessed Pauline-Marie Jaricot.

Using the most powerful weapon in God’s arsenal, the Most Holy Rosary, we reach souls throughout the world with a devotion which is simple and possible for all. United with over TWENTY million SOULS, we are praying for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Reign of Christ the King. If you belong to the Legion of Mary, you may ask them for help. If you are a part of the Block Rosary, ask them for the Sacramentals you need. If you are willing to take up a DECADE in the Living Rosary, you may ask us for Sacramentals.

Will we be able to provide you with the Sacramentals you request? The answer to this depends very much on you. Our benefactors are not motivated to give to souls they do not know. You will receive Sacramentals if you tell us about your situation, send photos of your Parish and prayer groups, and write to share how much the Rosaries are needed, how they will be distributed and their great help in deepening the Faith and love of the faithful for Our Blessed Mother, the Sacred Heart and the Holy Eucharist. If we share your sufferings, difficulties and joys with our benefactors, the funds for these boxes will be given. If St. Philomena has answered your prayers or worked a miracle in your favor, tell us the circumstances of this miracle.

A letter that states: Thank you for the box; we appreciated its contents, send us another one please, is simply not enough to animate benefactors to donate for your cause. If you say that you do not have time, or interest to do this, and cannot be bothered, WHAT A PITY! Your letters, circumstances and photos are what motivate benefactors to donate for these expensive boxes to be mailed to you.

Our country is in grave condition. Our liberties, wealth and families have been exploited and crushed. The last bastion of protection against Socialism and Communism will soon fall. Many are still able and willing to donate for a worthy cause, which you certainly represent. A little time and effort on your part will determine what we are able to send.

These are important considerations. Please do reply:

1) Did you receive your parcel?

2) Were you charged any taxes or duties on this parcel?

3) How has this parcel helped to animate, teach and strengthen the faithful in your community?

4) Have healings and conversions occurred? What are the details of these blessed graces?

5) What about your young people? Can they benefit from the YOUTH FOR PURITY Campaign at home and in schools?

6) Have you photos, stories, news or miracles to share?

7) Tell us something about yourself, your area and your parish.

8) Is there a strong devotion to the Mother of God in your area?

9) How can we help you to get the word out and how can we support your efforts to protect and preserve the heart and soul of our precious Catholic Faith in your country?

We absolutely need your *feedback and encouragement to animate our benefactors. Pray for them, please. Let us place our lives and needs in the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We are keeping everyone, who writes to us, in our daily prayers. Please pray for us too. 

*Send comments via physical mail service to: ULRA, PO Box 1303, Dickinson. Texas 77539

  (This way we know you are serius and not just wasting our time with annoying email)