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Nigerian University Rosary Procession

December 8, 2022

Dear Mrs. Patti, Peace and Joy to you!

Thank you so much for your prayers and for that box you sent to me in Italy! I came back on the Sept. 29. On returning from Italy, I got to work intensively for the resumption of our University students. I never imagined it would take so much time and energy! My journey to Italy was a fruitful one, thanks to God, especially regarding the ULRA. I present you with the names of three leaders helping us with the propagation of the Living Rosary there: Teresa Moretto, an Italian, Anna Likute from anglophone Cameroon and Ottilie Ntamack from francophone Cameroon. They live in the province of Bologna, Italy. They have started the propagation and enrolment, one by one, Decade by Decade!

Here in Veritas University, we have started once again to propagate. It is not easy to engage         today’s youth in the mysteries of God, nor are they at home with the simplest form of prayer life. Some of them, yes, are truly blessed with Christian families where they lived, experienced and are able to appreciate the preciousness of Faith and the consolation of prayer. Many others are not only far from this reality, but also seem to be suspicious of any encounter with God. This is where, to my innermost conviction, the Living Rosary devotion becomes a bridge, a vital link to that encounter which opens the youth to a wealth of grace, true repentance and transformation of life. Our blessed Decade becomes a veritable initiation into that fundamental, truly indispensable contemplative dimension of our Faith, and of life itself, that the world of today seems to consciously combat and submerge in an endless, fruitless activism and suffocating noise! It is not family alone that is being attacked. There seems to be a vacuum regarding catechesis: many of our young ones know little or nothing regarding the Faith. Some of the causes of this emptiness and ignorance are known, sometimes even obvious, but other causes are subtle. In any case, Blessed Pauline Jaricot really hands unto us Our Lady’s Decade, which conceals and at the same time manifests God’s Plan for our Salvation! The ancient enemy knows the power of this Decade, the presence it re-enacts and unlocks the amazing Providence of God! And so the enemy roars like a lion and seeks to intimidate the little children of the new Eve, the fragile but beloved descendants of the Immaculate Mary, the Woman clothed with the Sun. Discouragement is the enemy’s lethal weapon! For us, prayer, patience and perseverance to the very end: that’s the key, that’s the pass-Word (cf. Mark 13:13, Heb. 10:36).

Thank you also for the six boxes you sent to us here. On the 5th, I will meet Fr. John-Mary Atep and the promoters. Pray for us, please.  I will let you know the outcome of that meeting.

The Rosary Procession was done for nine days from October 23 to 31. The pictures were taken on Oct. 31. The other pictures were taken on Nov. 1, after All Saints’ Holy Mass. Our Vice Chancellor, Fr. Prof. Hycinth Ichoku, is a member of the ULRA! He is standing at the center with blue dress. The staff and students were so encouraged by his presence today.

All of me for Thee, O Jesus, through Mary!!!

Fr. Michael Mary Akaigwe

Veritas University, Abuja, NIGERIA