MESSAGE FROM Fr. Ivon Kolodiy

Glory Be To Jesus Christ!

March 1, 2019

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, be Thou our Light, our strength, our shelter and place of refuge here below; and after the painful struggles of life, be Thou our incomparable Treasure and Eternal Bliss in Heaven!

Dear Members, Benefactors and Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

It is my joy and strength to write to you. These are increasingly difficult times in which to live and raise a family. Our children are exposed to temptation, drugs, lack of good family structure, secular schools and the corrupt media machine which bombards them through TV, internet, computer, gangs and the occult. Many parents travel to foreign countries to make money to feed the family while the children are left with the grand- parents or friends.

We have worked hard to publish the most important book dedicated to the Fatima apparitions. The message of Fatima is crucial to us all. Because we live in former Soviet Union Countries, we pray day and night for the conversion of Russia, for the victory of the Virgin Mary in this cruel and unmerciful world in which we live.

The life at our Center is very busy as there are many visitors who come from different parts of Ukraine asking for Rosaries, Scapulars and St. Philomena devotionals. Because you send them to us, we can give them to those who ask.

Holy Lent is a blessed time for the renewal of our souls. During this Season, we will distribute 5,000 of the booklets, just published, concerning the reverence which must surround the Holy Name of Jesus. Blessed are those who love God, and do not curse! Our youth should never utter bitter words, voice curses, or emit thorns that would wound our fellow man and our brother. Cursing and bad language, in a moment of anger, is an unbearable sin which can inflict harm not only on the person to whom it is directed, but also frequently upon the person who voices it.

Parents, if only you will stop using bad language, your children will not be provoked to use it. Parents, you must monitor the media allowed in your home. Computer games are violent and often have sexual themes and use debased language. Regulate your children’s internet access and never allow them private internet access in their rooms. If they object, let them know that all in your house will follow God’s Laws. Rules should be set and enforced with love and parental firmness. This should be coupled with family prayer, which will be the heart of your hearth. Here, in Ukraine for our youth, there is a widespread and real addiction to the cell phone.

Christ is the Good Shepherd Who seeks the person lost in the desert of cell phone dependence. Youth are addicted to cell phone usage because they suffer from emptiness. They are lost. They struggle from a lack of belonging and loyalty to family and country: Physical emptiness due to laziness or isolation, the lack of goals and the means to accomplish them. The power to overcome cell phone addiction comes from God. The love of Christ is the name of the highest and deepest love that has ever transfigured this vale of sin and tears. The fire of Christ’s Love, in the Holy Eucharist, is the place where we all must daily light our torches and warm our selfish hearts with a love that is more than love. God is the Father of Light. Christ, His Son, is the Light of the World. Satan cannot force any soul into sin.

In marshy regions, slowly decaying leaves and other vegetable substances produce marsh gas called methane. Under certain conditions, this gas ignites and causes the so-called Will-o’-the-wisp or marsh light. Many a weary traveler has taken this strangely glaring flame for the friendly lamp- light of a human homestead and followed it only to perish in the gurgling depth of the mysterious

In the spiritual life, there are marsh lights, which lure and fascinate human souls and lead them to spiritual death. Faith decomposes, Hope succumbs to the rotting of its roots and Charity in human souls dies. Our holy Faith is like a beacon of Light which we may always follow in perfect confidence but, sometimes, the soul turns away from that Light, becomes over-curious and proud, faith grows dim and, in that semi-darkness, the soul is attracted by the delusive lights of half- truths, error, heresy, sham philosophy and false religions. People, who were fervent Catholics, give up the true Faith and embrace Protestantism, occultism, theosophy and Satanism. Let us always try to follow the bright and sacred light of Faith, Hope and Charity. We must believe that we are Children of Light and the Angels and Saints are our older brothers and sisters. They have gone before us with God’s lamp ever burning. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is the Light of the World!

O Love neglected, we adore Thee!

Thank you for your prayers, Mass stipends, warm wishes and faithfulness, in season and out. We carry you and your families to the Sacred Altar each day and offer the Most Precious Body and Blood of Christ for your needs and intentions, your health and holy perseverance. This is our
honor and our privilege. Pray for us.

I impart to all of you, my priestly blessing:
In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.


Byzantine Rite, Greek-Catholic Church, UKRAINE