Easter Note

April 9, 2023



“Waver not beneath the Cross, which Christ, to you has given.

For every pang and tear it costs, is registered in Heaven!”


Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Your love for God, zeal for souls and works of reparation ascend to Heaven and will obtain victory over suffering and death. Our united prayer resonates from one end of the earth to the other and will hasten a decisive victory for the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Love will triumph over sin, hate, war and pride. Mary will reign as Queen of all hearts and Christ’s Kingdom will be restored. May your Easter Season be filled with blessings in abundance and peace of soul! 


Many trials come to those who suffer. The most difficult one is discouragement. Our suffering is Gethsemane. In our pain, God appears far off; we seem to suffer alone without any support. In our hour of darkness, we must draw near to Jesus in the Garden of Olives. He, too, had His dark hour: “My Soul is sorrowful unto death.” The thought of the pain and agony that would face Him was almost more than He could bear. We, too, shrink from pain; our courage is gone and we would like to flee from the cross we bear.


Our Lord never asks of us a sacrifice which is above our strength. Jesus, too, was nearly overcome by His grief, but there was always the cry of resignation: “Not My will, O Lord, but Thine be done!” 


In our darkest hour, when despair begins to gather around us and we nearly sink beneath our burden, let us flee to Our Blessed Lord, like the Apostles, and cry out: “Lord, save us, we perish!” Our cry awakens within His Heart a great sympathy for us. All He desires is that, in the storm, we come to Him for shelter and He will command the tempest to cease, and a great calm will fill our hearts. We allow the thought of all we may have to suffer, to make us tremble. We fear that we may give up the fight when the battle rages and not persevere to the end. But we must not fear!!!


As long as we cling to God and try to bear our sufferings bravely, all is well with us. Christ is the best Consoler. He is the “Man of Sorrows” well acquainted with infirmity. He will encourage us when all is in darkness. Through the Cross, sorrow and suffering, we shall find eternal happiness. The battle for eternity is fought and won on the field of life. Let us hasten to Him, we who are heavily burdened with pain and misery! In His embrace, we will find rest, comfort and solace in every trial of body and soul. 

One with you in the Immaculate heart of Mary,

Not my will, O Lord, but Thine be done!