Christmas Note

December 20, 2022



We Were Made

For Heaven


Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

We are very grateful for your prayers for us and for one another during this historic time. The future is uncertain and, if we depend upon our own resources, depression and despair will surely overtake us. Nothing is more tragic than wasted suffering. Our life of luxury and attachment to our own will, has all but come to a halt. We are forced to turn to God and beg for His mercy. He loves us so very much and, yet, we do not love Him sufficiently. If we loved Him, we would love the Cross! Suffering imparts to us His Peace.

We are not meant to enjoy the Cross, but we are meant to LOVE it! God has chosen us. We could have been born in paganism, in heresy, in schism, in a family without morals or religion, as so many are. We are debtors. We have received a Christian education and live in the light of grace and faith.

Before the appearance of the star, the Magi lived in the darkness of paganism. When they saw the star, they listened to the grace that called them, and they were converted. They left all, in order to belong to Jesus Christ, and they gave themselves up to grace in order to follow the star with simplicity and courage. From that moment, they were no longer men belonging to this world. They lived and died as saints so that, during eighteen centuries, the Church has rendered them public worship and honored them with the title of SAINT. A Cathedral at Cologne preserves their bodies with reverence. How is it that we do not respond to grace as they did? We are lukewarm and filled with self-love. Our faith is weak.

Let us ponder the liveliness of the faith of the Magi, which made them resolve to leave their country and their thrones, and to brave the criticism of the world; to undertake a distant journey and recognize the great God of Heaven in the form of a poor little child, laid upon straw in a stable. What admirable faith! We beg God to make us sharers in their faith. Through faith, man             becomes a child of God, a member and co-heir of Jesus Christ, and an heir of the Kingdom of Heaven, a temple of the Holy Spirit, the delight of the Blessed Trinity.

Faith consoles and sustains man in the trials of this life, which are so severe. A glance cast upon the Cross, and another raised to Heaven, consoles, encourages and fortifies us to such an extent as to make us find happiness in suffering. Once given the gift of Faith, nothing stopped the Magi. They surmounted fatigue, the dangers of travel and exposed themselves to persecution. They knew how to bear privation, discomfort and suffering in the performance of their duty to obey the call of God. The thrice-happy travelers arrived at the crib. Their fervor was not lessened at the sight of so poor a place, so poor a woman or such poor swaddling clothes. They were overcome with stupor before such greatness brought low, so much splendor hidden, so much majesty diminished. They prostrated themselves with their faces on the ground and they adored the Infant Child, Christ the King! They opened their treasures and offered Gold to signify their tribute of homage to Him as the great King. Frankincense signified their tribute of praise and prayer; Myrrh, which is employed in the embalming of the dead, was a profession of Faith on their part in the holy Humanity in the crib which was united to His Divinity as He would, one day, immolate Himself on the Cross for us.

The three Kings offered their gifts with gratitude and love. Jesus, in turn, offered them His gifts. In exchange for the gold, He gave them the gift of Wisdom to understand the lofty mysteries of the Faith and teach them to others; in exchange for the incense, He imparted to them the gift of piety, enabling them to love Him alone and, in exchange for the myrrh, He enriched them with the spirit of mortification and sacrifice, which made them apostles and martyrs. Charity, of which gold is the symbol, makes us love God with our whole heart and strength. What great need there is today in the world for the gold of charity! The devil has hardened hearts with greed and hate. We must love God in our neighbor, love Him in the person of the poor, solace Him in the unhappy and console Him in the afflicted.

When the three Kings returned home, they gave away their worldly possessions and put on humble dress to preach Christianity. Forty years later, St. Thomas the Apostle met them in India and he baptized them. Later, he ordained them as priests and consecrated them as Bishops.                    St. Thomas was martyred. Later, in their labor for souls, they too were martyred. We are living today in times when those preaching the truth are persecuted and martyred. The world cannot tolerate TRUTH.

The great virtue required of us is COURAGE! We may have tolerance for a great many things, but there is never tolerance for the undying truth! May Christ help us to hold on to His teachings! If people despise us, it does not matter. We must not be afraid. Truth is unfaltering! Truth is changeless! Truth is eternal!


Alone, we can do nothing; with God’s help, nothing is impossible. As the Magi did, we kneel at the feet of the Divine Infant King and consecrate ourselves to Him. There is no greater gift that He can give us than a share in His Cross. We beg Him for the grace to love the Cross and to die nailed to it, without ever descending from it. We were made for Heaven!

Let us remain very close to the Mother of God so that we will be always united to the Heart of Christ. We hold you and your family close in prayer and how grateful we are for your prayers for us, your gifts and your defense of our precious Catholic Faith. God is with us! A little while longer and then ETERNITY!

One with you in the Immaculate heart of Mary,

We must have courage!