Advent Note

November 30, 2022

To Us A King IS Born


To Us A King IS Born


Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

It is a wonderful thing to grasp this precious moment and wish you a very Happy and Holy Season!

Time has a way of escaping us. We are so rushed with urgent demands that there is no time allotted for those we love. If we feel short-changed, isolated and ignored, then our priorities need to be adjusted to the reality of life. So many of the things which bind us to earth are embraced by us and what is essential is placed on the back burner. We feel that, if we take time to attend to them, life will pass us by.

In the quiet of the sanctuary of our soul, there abides the Most Adorable Trinity, waiting to pour out riches beyond imagination upon our life. Let us slow down, take a moment to listen to Him, get in touch with our inner soul and bask in its beauty, truth and goodness. During this quiet time of peace, let us thank God for all His blessings and Infinite Love for us and for those we love. Let us make time to visit, again and again, this special center of our soul, filled with the Peace and Love of Christ.

To turn away from God in misfortune is to bring upon oneself harm – a thousand times more cruel than that under which one thinks himself to be suffering. It is to reject at once all the sweetness and nobility of suffering. We are all suffering; let us suffer close to God, as closely as it is possible. Whatever the nature or the intensity of our affliction, whatever difficulty it presents, bear it in the presence of God. This will allow the penetration of His divine care into all that we endure, no matter what happens without our knowledge or wish. We will then experience a kind of miracle taking place within us. Our formerly complicated sorrow becomes simple, trouble clarifies itself and the disproportionate adjusts itself to our strength. With ardent and unfaltering devotion, we will hold fast to the decree of Providence for us. We will submit to it with reverence, love and a sort of subdued jubilation. We will feel the joy of order, peace of harmony and restfulness of a divinely accomplished plan. We will want only what God wants and has always wanted: NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS! We will seek only to understand things as God Himself understands them, because He has ordained them. We will repose in a supreme calm which no thing or person can ever disturb. We must not let our pride keep us from depending on God, but rather rejoice in our dependence upon Him. The Virgin Mary’s FIAT must become our own:

“Behold the Handmaid of the Lord,

Be it done unto me according to Thy Word!”

My God, grant that I may love Thee always: And then do with me what Thou wilt.