Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

May 15, 2021

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

We are deeply grateful for your prayers and kind donations which are a vital help to our missionary outreach. The work with prisons has doubled in the past six months. Every prayer, dollar and sacrifice makes the Mystical Body of Christ stronger.

 As we watch what is coming down, we know that now is the time to change our lives. We must have a strong will to do good and avoid evil. Things in the world are happening so fast; it is mind boggling: forced vaccinations, more executive orders, more quarantine camps and greater religious persecution; so many are sick, so many have lost hope and there is such a great increase in suicides! Your zeal and compassion are giving Courage to souls! Rest assured of our prayers for you and your family. Our Spring Newsletter will be ready for mailing next week. God love you!

 When we face illness and agony of any kind which pierces us through, however slight when compared with the Agony of Jesus, what prayer above all others will we whisper? Should it not be the prayer that Our Lord has taught us? The prayer that He enacted within His Heart in the Garden of Mt. Olives, the OUR FATHER. Like a hurt child who calls to His parent, we will cry, Father to the God of Love. In this prayer, God is near us. He feels and suffers through the human Heart that He took upon becoming man. His Passion was an hour of prayer. The very words, Our Father, is evidence of trust and grounds for confidence. “Father” is the first utterance of God upon the Cross; “Father” is the last cry, when Jesus commended His Soul to God.

 Jesus gave us the clearest testimony of His unequaled Love when death approached. He turned to the Father, Who is Love Itself. We, too, must turn to the Father when sufferings come, knowing that the Father’s Eyes are watching us, the Father’s Hand clasps ours and guides our faltering steps and, through the Heart of Jesus, the Father warms our chilled hearts. We find love divine and love paternal in the Father. His wounds become our healing, His Cross our life and blessing! Jesus is guiding us Home to the Father, Who is waiting in love for us. The night of suffering must proceed the day of salvation.

 One with you, in the Pure Heart of Mary,  

My God, grant that I may love Thee always: And then do with me what Thou wilt.