April Note

April 15, 2021

Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

These have been very devastating times and, in order to persevere, we must listen and obey our heavenly Mother. The Rosary is an infallible means of obtaining Heaven. There is nothing more beautiful and more excellent than the Rosary.

   The Rosary converts heretics, restores sinners and strengthens the faith and love of countless Christians. Wherever the Rosary devotion is cherished, the Catholic Faith has retained its vigor and reigns in the hearts and lives of Christians. It is a perfect Catechism. It teaches the Christian Truths exactly and completely, and illustrates them beautifully.

    The Rosary gives consolation in suffering, health in sickness, conversion of hardened hearts and help at the hour of death. The spirit of the world is threefold and takes hold of the mind, heart and body. It is a triple-headed serpent. The holy Rosary combats this demon:

 The Joyful Mysteries are directed against the pride of life!

The Sorrowful Mysteries combat the weakness of our flesh! 

The Glorious Mysteries help us focus on Heaven and lift us above the material world!

   The Rosary is an ocean of Grace, a source of comfort in trials, and protection in bodily and spiritual dangers. The Rosary is a key to Heaven and help in our last agony. It is most efficacious in relieving the souls of the faithful departed. The Rosary is a perfect prayer because of the praise it offers, the lessons it imparts, and the triumphs it achieves. The holy Rosary will give us courage, strength and love to face whatever crisis the future may hold. Two days ago, my youngest brother, Kevin Klotz, died suddenly and alone. Please remember his dear soul in your prayers. Death comes as a thief in the night. We must be prepared!

   We are eternally grateful to all of you for your support, your prayers and your great courage in keeping the faith during this unprecedented time in history. We must have absolute trust in God and keep our eyes on Heaven.

   May Our Blessed Mother wrap you in the mantle of her Protection!