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Fr. Ronaldo in Philippines

April 1, 2021

E-Mail: March 10, 2021
Dearest Ms. Patti,
Greetings from the Prelature Island of Batanes!
   I have been a member of ULRA for 23 or 24 years now, and I have been faithfully praying my assigned Decade. When in the seminary, I have been recruiting people in my area of exposure and other seminarians too. I was ordained on May 7, 2007 and, since then, I was assigned here in this very isolated Island of Batanes. We are actually nearest to Taiwan than mainland Philippines. I lost contact with the ULRA since, during that time, internet was not available. Internet connection came in 2013 and it was lost again for 3 years after we were devastated by the super typhoon in 2016. It was just restored in 2019.

   I have been promoting the Holy Rosary as well as devotion to St. Philomena in every place I have been going. Devotion to St. Philomena has become so intense here. We have celebrated her annual feast with great solemnity. I am offering the Tridentine Rite also. By the way, I am the Rector of our Cathedral. Though we are always visited by typhoons, it never stops the people from being faithful.
We can only be reached by plane, two hours from Manila. There are cargo ships coming from time to time. Since the pandemic started, it is almost a year and we had no flight come in.
   I have a very special favor to ask: (1) I would like to promote the ULRA in our prelature island which has three separated islands. Only my place has a postal office. May I request if we can organize a ULRA center in the Cathedral where we can enroll people in the Living Rosary?
   (2) If under my name, I can also apply to make the Oratory of the Black Nazarene in my home-town be a ULRA Center. I received a farmland from my grandparents and I have converted it to be a place for religious activities. We have a Chapel there with organized staff and volunteers. There are regular Holy Masses being celebrated there, with daily recitation of the Holy Rosary. If you will allow, it can also receive enrolments of members.
   I hope and pray that you will grant these humble petitions. I assure you that you will be remembered in my daily Holy Masses.

Fr. Ronaldo Manabat, Rector
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
Basco 3900 – Batanes Island, PHILIPPINES

E-Mail: March 13, 2021
Dearest Ms. Patti:

Sharing another work I am doing especially in this time of pandemic. Using a borrowed tricycle as mobile confessional, I go around the neighborhood to hear the confessions of my people: those children, the elderly and sick who cannot go to church because of the protocols.

I am very happy that many are availing this beautiful Sacrament.

Fr. Ronaldo Zenki Manabat – PHILIPPINES