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Update from Father Luke in Greece

February 11, 2021

Dear Patti,

 Thank you so much for the good news that, this year, you had blessed 70 gallons of St. Philomena oil for the annual blessing and there will be plenty for all who need the help of our beloved Princess.

 Our little princess brings so much comfort and consolation. It is truly a blessing that the oil is ready for those in need, and so many will benefit from this powerful Sacramental.

 During the lockdown here, we can only celebrate the Holy Mass in private, so I have taught the other Friar to say the Old Rite and, since February of last year, it is the only Mass that is celebrated here. What a blessing! He says that it is a prayer from beginning to end and this is so true.

 This year, I will organize the First Saturday Masses for the Scapular Confraternity members at Our Lady of Victory Church as well as the monthly Novena of Masses at the Holy Sepulchre for all our ULRA members – the sick, the suffering and the dying, and for unity in families

Thank you, Patti, for your continued support and prayers over so many years now. We are committed to St. Philomena – the one unto whom nothing is refused.

 United in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,


Your poor Father Luke of the Holy Ghost, ofm

Church of Our Lady of Victory

Rhodes – GREECE