February Note

February 9, 2021

February 2021

Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

The sufferings we have lived through, during the past year, have taken their toll. We were told that short term remedies would be mandated on the whole world or we would die. A deep and lasting fear was instilled in our hearts and souls. We were placed under lock-down, denied the Sacraments and made to distrust family and friends. Thanksgiving and Christmas were cancelled, and Easter may again be cancelled this year.

We find ourselves living under a godless dictatorship, prisoners in our own homes, living behind the bars of triple masks, forbidden autonomy and, now, under the dictates of a President who has worked, hand in glove, with the Chinese Communist Party for decades. It comes as no surprise as Our Lady of Fatima warned us about this very thing over a hundred years ago. The Russian people are not to blame. They will remain enslaved until our lives of prayer and penance will free them.

How are we to live through these days of persecution? For some reason, God has permitted this suffering to befall us. Might it be to atone for the sins of people whose hearts feel no contrition? Might it by for our own salvation and for our family? It is not a life of punishment nor is it to be wasted. We, who are consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, know that She will use this suffering for souls who are most in need. It is a powerful thing to unite the sick, aged and disabled, those in prison living in fear and those imprisoned through substance abuse, to use their suffering for the Glory of God and the sanctification of souls.

By pooling our sufferings, our sacrifices merge into one vast sea which is poured out daily by Our Lady into a great golden chalice and lifted in love and reparation to Almighty God. The weight of our personal crosses is lightened. The true penance needed today is the amendment of our lives through the faithful performance of the duties of our state in life. We must live Mary’s Fiat Voluntas Tua! Our rapid pace is a habit to keep us ahead of the bills, deadlines and home duties. We have been abruptly snatched from this swift pace and plunged into a period of long solitary moments. Time suddenly conspires to overthrow sanity and undermine defenses. God’s plan for us now is no accident. From all Eternity, He permitted this to happen to us. This key, this suffering and none other, will open the gates of Heaven to us. We must make use of our solitude. God is asking for the music that flows from the love and sacrifice of our hearts. Only by relentless perseverance and effort can the heart hope to resist all that might destroy the spiritual solitude of the temple of its soul.


    It is the renewal of hope, the discovery of people, beauty, laughter and the joy of giving. It is a challenge to forgive, forget and to be compassionate. It is the magic key that opens the soul’s dark corners to an instantaneous flooding of sunlight. Is the sacrifice we have been asked to make too high a price to pay for admittance into the paradise that awaits us? We may not always like the part that God has written for us but, if we live it, the most perfect image of Christ will be accomplished in us. If we allow Mary to place us in the mold of Jesus, She will do this as only She can. Mary is as gentle as a sigh, mighty as a roar and tantalizing as Spring. Mary is unique among all God’s creatures having been kept free from sin at the instant of her conception. She embodies all that is regal, rare and radiant: yet She walks in humility. She is Queen of Saints and Refuge of Sinners. Most of all, She is Mother, not of man alone, but to every man everywhere. Mary is not an obstacle between Christ and us, any more than a windowpane is to the sun! The very sufferings we endure can be turned into the rungs of a ladder by which we can climb swiftly and surely without any detours into one of the highest places in Heaven. May we continually use our sufferings and the long, lonely hours which are at our disposal to further the cause of God’s Church in helping to bring millions into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let us not be weepers when crosses come our way. When God wants to fill a soul, He must empty it of self. Blessed Pauline never spared herself if there were souls needing help. She gave herself tirelessly so that, in all the world, the family of the Living Rosary continued to be united in one common bond of prayer and charity. “Lord, I am here to do Thy Will!” To the Living Rosary, she left all her earthly interests: “The Blessed Sacrament to adore, the Church to serve and souls to save.” She is the Mother of Missionaries and the Living Rosary. She spent herself completely in spreading the Catholic Faith throughout the world. May we obtain the virtue of humility through the intercession of Blessed Pauline. “We think so little of Thee, my Jesus, because we are too filled with self.”

   May God obtain for us the grace to know our own nothingness and to rejoice in our dependence upon Him. May the world know Pauline, the surpassing value of her virtue of humility and the love with which she bore her cross. Pauline is our mother; Let us ask her help in our daily struggles. She knows what we suffer and her heart is full of compassion and love for each one of us.

Bon Courage! God is with us!