MESSAGE FROM Fr. Ivon Kolodiy

Glory Be To Jesus Christ!

February 9, 2021

The blood of martyrs is calling out to us: Be apostles; be sons of the Church! We must remain faithful to Christ and must not leave His Flock or we will lose our way.

Dear Members, Benefactors and Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

 We now approach the Lenten Season which is observed very strictly in the Byzantine Church. The world, flesh and devil are subdued, and great discipline of fasting, prayer and penance is observed by all. When a house becomes dilapidated and inhabitable, it must be repaired. Christ came down to earth to make reparation and for no other reason. By His sufferings, He came to expiate human selfishness which began at man’s creation and continues to this day. He could have done the work alone, but He chose each one of us, every Christian, as associates in this work. Union is only perfect when the members are united with the Head and the Head to the members. How did Christ make reparation: By Suffering!

   We hear, today, of the Communists taking over the USA, but do we realize how the Communists have toppled Nations in all the world? Their cry and their goal is to take over the whole world, to kill both body and soul! In order to do this, they have a plan from which they do not deviate! How foolish if we fall for their propaganda and become victims of their incessant lies. Ukraine was taken over and her Bishops, Priests and Religious were exterminated on the spot or sent to the Gulag (prisons). Hundreds of thousands were starved to death! They have lived through what now awaits us. They know!

    The Greek Catholic Church in Romania was targeted with extermination. The Bishops, Priests and Religious were sent to Siberia and those left at home cooperated with the Communists and joined the Orthodox Church or were forced to hold their Masses in isolation and in hiding. Do we understand the crisis that we face today? Do we understand what awaits us? God wishes to make our faith more perfect and so He uses human beings to lance us, persecute us and scourge us. But, they are not guilty for they are just the instruments of God to impose hunger and pain that the high level of our Christian love may triumph.

   We must be resolved for love of God to accept valiantly and willingly, with thanksgiving and gratitude, all the hardships of our daily lives. In all things, we must unite our humble sacrifice to the Divine Holocaust offered on Calvary and continued without interruption on our Altars. The very deepest meaning of Holy Communion and our sanctification is above all our participation in our Savior’s Passion and Death. This alone will prepare and enable our souls to sacrifice ourselves for God’s glory and love. The hour has arrived for Christian heroism! Our forefathers tell us that they arose through blood and suffering; we must do the same. Jesus Christ, Himself, is persecuted in His Mystical Body by hatred, blows, spittle, the crowning of thorns and crucifixion!

    We must open our eyes to see if we are living, step-by-step, the Gospel of Good Friday! This is our finest hour in which to use our hearts, bodies and souls for the Triumph of Holy Mother the Church. The Church has a heart and this heart is burning with love; it is that love alone which makes the members work. If love were to die away, apostles would no longer preach the Gospel and martyrs would refuse to shed their blood. Love is everything; it embraces all times and all places because it is eternal.

   Let us not betray Christ as did Judas. We must never be afraid to fight for that which is most precious upon this earth. A little more humility, a little more faith, a little more resignation to God’s plans and more childlike love for His Holy Will would take all the sting and drudgery out of life’s lowly tasks and gild them with the sunshine of Heaven.

   Spread devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Multiply her altars in every family. Pray the Holy Rosary and invite others to pray it too. God offers us a unique occasion where we can radiate our Christian convictions. In our day, Christ the King permits His Mother to come down to earth to warn the world of the impending danger. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is our only ray of HOPE! Through her intercession, we can obtain mercy and peace. The blood of martyrs is calling out to us: Be apostles; be sons of the Church! We must remain faithful to Christ and must not leave His Flock or we will lose our way.

   The Bark of Peter is in the middle of a strong storm, beaten on every side by high waves, but the Ship will not sink. They may take our churches, but we will continue the Sacraments and the Divine Liturgy in the underground. The enemies of Holy Mother the Church will be converted by our prayers, our penance and, if necessary, by the flood of our own blood in martyrdom!

   You and your family are remembered every day at the Altar. We pray for your courage, perseverance and strength to resist forces of darkness and radiate the love of Christ in the entire world! Thank you for your prayers and love for the suffering Church in Ukraine.