October Note

October 9, 2020

October 2020

Dear Apostles of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy to be able to reach out to you now, months after the deadly CCP virus has spread throughout the whole world and a campaign of fear and panic has been planted in every heart. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt spoke at his inaugural address these inspired words, We have nothing to fear but fear itself, because FEAR is the tool of  tyrants. Our Lady came to Fatima to warn her children what would befall them if they did not ·cease offending God Who is already too much offended.” Our Church and Nation are under attack by a regime that is godless and oppressive.

The tragic persecution of those in prison and nursing homes is incomprehensible: no visitors, no Sacraments, no religious services whatever for nearly seven months! Many mission chapels have vanished and no priest or catechist come. A great many have left the church and turned to Protestant, Pentecostal and Satanic churches. When Our Lady told of a chastisement, we thought of a nuclear bomb yet, in a single moment, the entire world was taken over and is being held prisoner bya virus. The WHO is dictating what we can and cannot do. Violence, riots and protests are tearing our country apart. What must our response be?

Souls in love with God will be doing all that is possible to proclaim the rights of God and  looking for more ways to offer to God sacrifices out of love and making reparation for the blasphemies committed against Him and His Immaculate Mother. Everyone is suffering and we can use this suffering and resignation to the Will of God to bring peace to the world. If we refuse to suffer, who will help Christ save the world? All pains, large and small, are efficacious in the crusade for peace. Let us put our pain to work! We cannot isolate ourselves from the destruction of civilization and leave the running of the world to those who hate God or know Him not. One of the greatest gifts from the treasury of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that we can be given by Our Blessed Mother is the Cross. Mary will use suffering to win peace for the world.

The soul of a God-fearing Catholic is being purified constantly in the crucible of suffering. We must transmit the spirit of Catholicism and make the Church shine in the world as Christ shone among men. A kind man is both an apostle and an evangelist: an apostle because he brings men to Christ and an evangelist  because he portrays Christ to  men. Sanctifying Grace makes the three Divine Persons to dwell in our hearts and transform our lives into Heaven on earth!

The complete giving of ourselves is the mark of triumphant love! Our Lady of La Salette explained very well the loss of faith that we see today: “Many religious houses will lose the faith, and Rome will become the seat of the Antichrist.” Sister Lucia of Fatima said, “The devil is arming himself for the decisive battle against the Virgin Mary. Decisive battle is the final battle. She told my cousins that God had given the world the last two means of salvation: the Rosary and the devotion to her  Immaculate Heart.  If  these are the last means of salvation, it means that there will be no other.  If  God is to punish the world, all the ordinary means of conversion will be exhausted  irst. Since the world has neglected all these means, God is offering us the Rosary and the Immaculate Heart of Mary as the last means. If we despise and reject these means of salvation, too, there will be no more forgiveness for us because then we have committed the sin against the Holy Spirit.”

J.M. Aloneso, CMF, Madrid, 1976

There is a diabolical disorientation sweeping across the world” Sister Lucia

Amidst the horror of this reality, we very much see the Heart of Mary at work through her missionaries of the Living Rosary. One of our prison members has taken up his DECADE with great zeal and happiness. He told his mother about the devotion and she  wrote  to  ask for  a  Rosary so she and her son could pray the Rosary together. Recently, we received a letter from  his sister: “Hello, my name is Joyce and the intention for  this  letter  is that  my  life on  the  street and the real world is getting so much harder. My mom and brother are doing prayers for everyone who lives the hard life on the street or in prison. I see how happy my mom  is sharing something so special with my brother. I feel that it is time for me to get my life straight and join them in this special bond you  have helped them to  live.  Please  help  me be lil<e them and to share the same bond with my mom and brother. How can I receive a Rosary? Please teach me how to pray it. God bless you!”

The Holy Rosary is an infallible means of obtaining Heaven. There is nothing more beautiful, nothing more excellent than the Rosary! The Rosary has converted heretics, restored sinners, and strengthened faith and love in countless Christians. Wherever the Rosary devotion is cherished, the Catholic faith has retained its vigor and reigns in the hearts and lives of Christians. The Rosary is a perfect catechism. It teaches the Christian truths exactly and completely, and illustrates them beautifully. St. Edmund asked God to reveal to him what he must do to secure his salvation. God revealed to him that he must meditate on the Life and Passion of Christ. Nothing is suited better for this than the Holy Rosary. The Rosary gives consolation in suffering, health in sickness, conversion of hardened hearts and help at the hour of death. The spirit of the world is three-fold and takes hold of the mind, heart and body. It is a triple headed serpent.

The Joyful Mysteries are directed against the pride of life_

The Sorrowful Mysteries are directed at the weakness of the flesh_

The Glorious Mysteries help us focus on Heaven and lift us above the material world_

The Holy Rosary is an ocean of Grace, a source of comfort in trials and protection in bodily and spiritual dangers. The demons fear the Rosary. Let us never, NEVER, forget that the Rosary is the key to Heaven and powerful help in our last agony! The Rosary is most efficacious in relieving the souls of the faithful departed. The Rosary is a perfect prayer because of the praise it offers, the lessons it imparts and the triumphs it achieves!

This, then, is the weapon given to us by the Immaculate Heart of Mary in our day; our last help against the rage of Hell. Pray the Rosary every day and be faithful to your DAILY DECADE in the Living Rosary. The enemy is closing in and we are surrounded by great dangers to our souls.