MESSAGE FROM Fr. Ivon Kolodiy

The Christ-Child is our HOLY HOPE!




A Savior Is Born


Dear Members, Benefactors and Apostles of the Living Rosary,

 What joy and consolation we find today in welcoming Jesus, Our Divine Infant King, to our hearts and homes! He comes into a world very much like that of His own time: pagan, immoral, materialistic and totally busy with daily affairs. There is no room for Him in the inn. Hearts are filled with noise, self and pride. In total poverty, He is born in a stable. His Heart is filled with mercy and He longs to breathe into our hearts the sweetness, confidence and love which burns in His own.

 How admirable and great is His name, JESUS, which was given to the God-Child on the day of His circumcision! His name is known far and wide, but it is often used profanely. If only the world would know the riches of just uttering the Sweet Name of Jesus with reverence and wonder, how different the world would be. The holy name of Jesus is the joy of Heaven, consolation of earth and terror of hell. His name comes to us from Heaven; an Angel received it from the mouth of the heavenly Father, and brought it to earth. It is great because it signifies Savior: a Person infinite in charity, Who sacrifices Himself for our salvation, infinite in majesty giving this sacrifice omnipotent value, and Who alone is capable of paying our debt to the Father. The name of Jesus appeases divine justice, works miracles and sanctifies the elect. It is great in hell where it enchains the fury of the devils. It enables man to be redeemed and sanctified. St. Paul said:

 “Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved.” (Acts 2:21)

 By the name of Jesus, the Apostles worked great wonders: the lame walked, lepers were cured, the blind saw, the deaf heard and the dumb spoke. Heaven is opened to the sinner who is converted by this divine name. In temptations and trials, in sickness and infirmities, in anxiety and fears, we must invoke the name of JESUS. He, who says JESUS, says everything that is most amiable, loving, sweet and perfect. Let us pronounce the name of JESUS with respect, confidence and love. This one word, JESUS, is the shortest and easiest prayer, and the most powerful of prayers. Our Lord Himself promised us that whatever we ask in the name of Jesus, we shall receive. When we say, Jesus, we ask God for everything we need and we do this with unbounded confidence.

 Each time, we say the name of Jesus, we give God infinite joy and glory, for we offer Him all the merits of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. Each time, we say Jesus, we offer to God all the Masses that are being celebrated all over the world, thus giving us a share in millions of Masses. Jesus is the Mass!

 The name of Jesus will deliver us from evils and lessen the power of the devil on our souls. The name of Jesus will convert our family members who have fallen away from the Sacraments, and give us strength in our sufferings which will be made light and easy to bear. We can say JESUS hundreds of times, daily, and transform our day into blessings without number, while we are dressing, during travel to our daily work, if we are sick in bed, when shopping, working or cooking. We need only to form this habit. It is the easiest and best penance we can perform. By it, we will secure a happy death and rescue many Souls from Purgatory. We are but pilgrims on our way Home. We have no lasting city on this earth. Our goal is to reach the city built by God. We seek entrance within it through His Mercy.

 Our home is the very heart of God Who is always calling us because He loves us. Let us work to have the silence of heart needed to listen to His call, the wisdom to recognize it and the courage and love to obey it. Amidst the ravages of war, the poverty demanded of us in charity to help the soldiers and priests who minister to them, and the families who are stripped of their homes and loved ones, requires that we continue to do everything possible to help those who are suffering. We suffer now many times without electricity. We may be cold, but we stay brave and have every hope.

 Your prayers for us, stipends and encouragement strengthen our faith and are a strong pillar of hope for us all. You and your families are remembered most especially during this Holy Season as the Mystical Body of Christ lives its crucifixion. We must never panic as God’s Wisdom is governing everything. We must be a family of prayer. May God grant us the grace of holy perseverance for whatever lies ahead! Glory be to God in the highest!